Prickett-Grooms Airport
Sidnaw, MI

Attending in 2018?


# In Group

Tail #


Based At

Arr/Dep Days

Ed Frederick ? N727DS PA24-250 9D9 Thurs/Mon

Brad/Diz Frederick 2 N1270T PA28-180 9D9 Aug-ish/Oct-ish

Martina & Oliver 2 N2732W Mooney M20E 1D2 Friday to Sunday / Saturday to Monday

Grant & Leslie 2 Automobile 1C5 Fri/Mon

Tim Winters Who knows N5057D Propeller driven Usually first or second, but always looking for a home run Fri-Mon

Duh Brennans 3 N6942P PA24 KFLY Friday/Sunday

Tim and Jeannette 2 maybe 3 N/A Low and slow RV Ohio Thursday/Monday

Geoffrey Thorpe (Jim) 1 n222gn no faster than an RV onz Friday / Sunsay

Austin & Amanda Levin 2 N9037M C180 KRYV Sat-Mon (loosely)

Tim & Kristine 2 4161J PA28 D95 Saturday/Sunday

Jim, Heather, Jethro 2 + Jethro N241BW Europa 2C5 Friday afternoon

Mike Andrews, Joan, Wilbur, & Dakota Driving motorhome N284M Piper Cherokee 235 C81 9-1/9-2

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