Prickett-Grooms Airport
Sidnaw, MI

Local Business

The Sidnaw Station & Grill
(906) 355-2257

91 octane ethanol free gas, take out beer/wine, Restaurant/Bar and Grill.
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Kennedy's Cabins
(906) 355-2316

Located 4 miles south of the airport on a private lake.
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Sidnaw Lodge
(906) 281-7072
(906) 281-6817

2 Bedroom accomodation with full kitchen and large common area. Facebook Page

Other businesses that have supported the airport.

Hoppy's Bar
(906) 852-3540

Voted #1 Neighborhood Bar in Michigan. Just west 9 miles on M-28 in Kenton.
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Watton Country Store
(906) 355-2351

Gas Station and Full Service Grocery Store. 5 miles east on M28 in Watton.
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Hardwood Steakhouse
(866) 394-4892

Extensive menu with everything from steaks and French dip sandwiches to prime rib, desserts, and breakfast. 8 miles east on M28 in Covington